Micheal Jr.



My name is Michael Iezzi, also known as Michael JR. I have been in the industry for over 8 years all of them have been with Fratellis Salon. I love being in the hair industry, it taught me a lot about myself and I've become very passionate about it. I can do men/women hair cuts, colours, and highlights as a well-rounded stylist. When you wake up and love what you do it's not a job, to me it's about loving what I do with the crew I do it with.




My name is Luca Rolo co-owner of Fratelli's Salon. Coming into the family business has truly been a blessing. Ever since 2014 this industry has allowed me to work with some of the industry's best and well-known artists. I consider myself to be a hybrid stylist working with both men and women in all aspects of cutting to colouring. My work ethic stems from the love and passion I have for the industry which drives me to do my best every day.

Cristina V.



My name is Cristina Vecchiarelli and I am a jr stylist here at Fratelli's Salon. I have been in the industry for approximately 3 years and spent all of them at Fratellis Salon. My dream since I was little was always to be a hairstylist at I could not be happier finally fulfilling that dream. I specialize in updos and braids as I feel I can express my creativity the best. I am constantly learning from the amazing stylists around me and working hard to serve my clients. I love my job and the people that work with and I am blessed to have found a career in life that brings me such joy.