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I'm Sajedeh Ghassemi, but you can simply call me Saj. I'm the enthusiastic stylist at Fratelli's Salon, ready to bring a burst of energy to experience. With my recent graduation and unwavering passion, I'm all set to conquer the hair industry. My ultimate goal is to transform your hair dreams into a stunning reality. Each day is a thrilling journey of learning and collaborating with talented stylists. I feel incredibly lucky to have turned my childhood dream into a tangible career, and I'm here to bring happiness to your locks and ensure every salon visit is an unforgettable experience.




I'm Natalie, and my fascination with hairstyling began way back when I first got my hands on a Barbie doll and a pair of scissors. Despite having a Bachelor's degree in Psychology, I couldn't resist the urge to merge my love for connecting with people and my passion for hairstyling. That's why I enrolled in the hairstyling program at Marca College. I'm super excited about the journey ahead, as I aim to learn, grow, and ultimately create incredible salon experiences that leave clients feeling joyful and ready to conquer their day.

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